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A gray background is used for URL’s and code examples. Yellow highlighting indicates paths or other data that you may have to change for your particular installation.

Server type

All server dependent instructions are for the Apache web server running on Unix/Linux operating systems. The scripts will run on other systems such as IIS on Microsoft Windows but some adjustments will probably be necessary. If you are installing on such a server and have problems, contact me and I will work with you to get it running.


Web root (aka HTML root) directory refers to the base directory for your website HTML pages. On Unix/Linux systems it’s name is usually one of “public_html” or “www” or “htdocs”. The path usually looks something like: /home/username/public_html.

TalkBack directory refers to the subdirectory under your web root directory in which TalkBack is installed. It’s path (assuming you don’t rename it) would be /home/username/public_html/talkback.