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Lightbox, a boxlike object having a uniformly lighted surface, as of ground glass, against which films or transparencies can be held for examination. That’s what the dictionary says. But it has been adopted as a name for any of a number of scripts that will place a small window on top of an opaque or translucent background on a web page. {example}.

TalkBack uses the ThickBox implementation. It is versitile with ability to display single images, slide shows, in line DIV’s and Iframed pages.

It is used in two ways. It displays admin configuration panel help pages and comment entry form help pages in Iframes. And, if you enable it in the configuration settings, it will display images (exluding emoticons) in comments in a lightbox window as illustrated in the above example.

You can test it by enabling lightbox in the configuration settings then enter a comment with an image by clicking the “image” tag button. The “a” (link or anchor) HTML tag must be one of the allowed tags. As you will see the ThickBox script uses an HTML link to accomplish it’s magic instead of an img tag.

If you want to use ThickBox in your other pages read the ThickBox documentation (link above). It is really pretty simple to use.