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You can change it so that the preview panel appears with your site layout.

Create a new template named my-comments-preview-tpl.php. Insert your page header, sidebar and footer HTML. Then copy the below code into the template.

In the head section of the page:

require 'head-inc.php'; 
$separator = ($display['form_location'])  ? '–' : '';

In the body section of the page:

print "
<div id='tb-wrapper'>
   <div class='tb-comment'>
      <div class='tb-comment-header'> 
         <div class='tb-author-loc'>
            <span class='tb-author'>{$display['form_author']}</span>
            <span class='tb-location'>{$display['form_location']}</span>
      if ($config['comment_subject'])
         // Show subject line
         print "
      <div class='tb-comment-subject'><span class='tb-subject-title'>{$lang['subject']}</span> {$display['form_subject']}</div>";
      print "
      <div class='tb-comment-text'>
   <br /><br />";

if ($_REQUEST['action'] == 'update') {
   require 'comments-edit-form-tpl.php';
} else {
   include $config['comments_form_tpl'];

print "
</div> <!--end of tb-wrapper -->";

Finally, change the preview panel file name in the admin configuration settings panel.