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This modification will print the comment entry form on a separate page instead of at the bottom of the comments listing page. Copy the 2 PHP files in addons/separate-comment-mod/ to the talkback directory.

Change the "Comments display template" entry in admin panel > maintenance > configuration to my-comments-display-tpl.php.

This is an example of the page on which you want the comment form to be printed. Either copy in your normal HTML or copy the PHP code within the body section of this example into a page of your choice.

There is one change to the standard comments-display-tpl.php. The leave a comment link has been changed to:

<a href='" .TB_PATH. "comment-form.php?page={$_REQUEST['page']}'>{$lang['comdisplay6']}</a>.
When you include comments.php in your page, it should look like this:
   $_REQUEST['page'] = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; 
   $_REQUEST['article_url'] = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; 
   include 'comments.php'; 
You can see how this works by copying the two PHP files to the TalkBack directory and making the configuration change. Then browse to