# This file resides in talkback/images/emoticons # This file is used (1) by functionsfunctionsEmoticons.php to insert the line of emoticons # into the comment form and (2) by functionsEmoticons.php to replace the emoticon # character codes, e.g. ":)", with an HTML image tag before the comment is added # added to the database. # The order of the entries in this file is the order in which the emoticon links # will appear on the comment form. Each entry contains three fields: # - The image file name followed by a comma # - The emoticon code followed by a comma # - The title for the emoticon link on the comment form # Spacing between fields is for readability and is not required smile.gif, ':)', 'Smiling' frown.gif, ':(', 'Frowning' laugh.gif, ':D', 'Laughing' grin.gif, ':}', 'Grinning' biggrin.gif, ':grin', 'Big grin' wink.gif, ';)', 'Winking' angry.gif, ':angry', 'Angry' blush.gif, ':blush', 'Blushing' cool.gif, ':8', 'Cool' tongue.gif, ':P', 'Sticking out tongue' sad.gif, ':sad', 'Sad' evil.gif, ':evil', 'Evil' bored.gif, ':bored', 'Bored' huh.gif, ':?', 'Confused' sealed.gif, ':#', 'Lips sealed' shock.gif, ':O', 'Shocked' yawn.gif, ':yawn', 'Yawning' rolleyes.gif, ':roll', 'Rolling eyes'